Killer Instinct Saga

Killer Instinct Series

Based on Killer Instinct's story, character endings and the character stories from Killer Instinct 2, I will put together a list of things that Rare could do with a prequel or sequel to the KI series. Rare never gives a date for when Killer Instinct took place, but just alluded to the fact it was in the future.

Killer Instinct Prequel

  • There was a prior tournament (or tournaments) by Ultratech to the one that took place in Killer Instinct 1.

  • Chief Thunder's brother Eagle was killed by Spinal in the prior year's tournament.
  • Fulgore could not take part of such a tournament. In KI, it was the first prototype despite the fact it took years of research. Any "alpha" version or prior concepts to Fulgore would have to be weaker or defective to the one in KI.

The downsides to a prequel is that we know more or less how things turn out and who must still survive. While prequels can let us know what led up to the events later on, I'm not sure a prequel to KI would result in a good story.

Killer Instinct Aftermath

  • Orchid killed Eyedol.
  • When Eyedol was destroyed, Ultratech and the other fighters still alive were sent back 2000 years in time.
  • Combo defated Riptor by a decision.
  • Thunder destroyed Spinal. (The Spinal in KI2 is still a reanimated version of Spinal, but his bones and spirit are younger).
  • Sabrewulf lost early on in the tournament (due to not wanting to release his animal instincts) and was enchanced (apparently his arms).
  • Glacius killed Cinder.
  • Fulgore (the prototype) was destroyed by Jago.
  • Jago was betrayed by his mentor, the Tiger Spirit, who turns out to be Gargos, who used him to get set free.

Killer Instinct III

Rare could either have Gargos destroyed sending all the characters back to the future they know or perhaps reawaken the other warlords. The problem with the other warlords is that they are weaker than Gargos and Eyedol. Ultratech would have to somehow enhance the other warlords to make them stronger. If they go back to the future it's possible that Tusk, Maya and Kim Wu stay behind, but of course that doesn't have to happen. Warlords and other fighters could be sent back into the future along with everyone else. Its rare in stories for the bad guys to ever win, but it would be an nice twist to see Gargos victorious and perhaps kill off a few characters or end a draw where he and another character died. And who is behind Ultratech? It's a corporation that has sold weapons, used killing as a sport, pulled creatures from "limbo", creates cyborgs, can make living people into a fire beings, reanimated the dead and bring back to life extinct animals. Perhaps they could have some mastermind scientist or something behind all this? Then again maybe thats too typical, perhaps its a collection of geniouses, but even if they are, chances are they wouldn't be strong enough to fight in a tournament.

When Rare made KI, they put in the machines counters for each player, so they knew which characters were played the most. When they made KI2 they looked at the data from several arcades and elliminated the least played characters (they probably did the same with the Game Boy version of KI, since Riptor and Cinder were left out due to size constraints, which means they are the least favorite being dismissed in the Game Boy version and KI2. I'm sure Rare built in counters for KI2 as well and they probably have a clue to what characters were played the most and which are the favorites, thus they know who not to kill off.

Possible New Fighters

  • Other ancient warlords from the past, but enhanced so they are now stronger than Eyedol and Gargos
  • Other ancient warriors from the past
  • Other instinct animals, if they could bring to life Riptor, they could do other creatures and mix their genes with humans as well.
  • Other dead people or creatures.
  • A Fulgore 2.0 (the first was a prototype and the next was a Mark I model).
  • Thunder, because he never died, but why would he come back to fight? He got his revenge towards Spinal already.
  • Riptor could still be alive, he was only defeated by a decision, although Ultratech may have put him to death for losing.


I'm sure others might think I take the story a little too seriously, but it was put together really well and was left open. While it might not be a blockbuster movie script, I think the backstory for each character was pretty imaginative. And compared to the other fighters of its time, it definately had more thought put into it. Street Fighter's story was never really solid until the anime movie was released. And Mortal Kombat never really made much sense, in my opinion.