Spinal : KI

Killer Instinct

  • 5' 5"
  • 110 lbs
  • 2650 yrs old

An unprecedented discovery in cell regeneration. UltraTech has recreated an ancient warrior from the past. Having no memory and lacking in purpose, he fights regardless.

The following biographical information is quoted from Rare's old website

A legendary warrior over 2000 years ago, the thing now known as Spinal has been torn from the peace of death by Ultratech's cell regeneration experiments. Trapped in the new world, he has no choice but to obey orders despite his reluctance, and to make things worse he begins to suffer tormenting flashbacks to the ancient life he can never quite remember. After the awe and wonder he inspired when first unveiled to the public, this year Spinal finds himself in the shadow of Ultratech's latest creations (Fulgore, Riptor et al): and, filled with resentment, he sets out to prove his worth.

Spinal Spinal Spinal
Spinal’s Special Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Power Devour back + Hold QP Absorbs special moves for skulls
Bone Shaker forwardforward + Any Punch  
Skeleport Front downdown + Any Punch  
Skeleport Behind downdown + Any Kick  
Skeleport Front Hold QP, Jump, downdown + Release QP Mid-air
Skeleport Behind Hold QK, Jump, downdown + Release QK Mid-air
Soul Sword back Charge forward + MP  
Soul Sword forward Charge back + MP  
Sliding Kick quartercircledownforward + FK Anti-projectile
Searing Skull quartercircleforward + Any Punch After charging shield with projectile
Super Searing Skull halfcircleforward + FP After absorbing projectile
Spinal’s Finishing Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Skeleton Grab backbackback + MK 1 to 4 player distance
Shield Stab backbackforward + QK Close
Humiliation halfcircleforward + FK 1 to 4 player distance
Ultimate SG quartercircledownback + QP During combo
Ultra Combo halfcircleforward + FP During combo
Moves based on the SNES manual and the KI Arcade FAQ/Walkthrough by _Fulgore_

Spinal’s Ending


Tired of constantly being surrounded by death and destruction, Spinal decides on a career break.... Although nominated for an Oscar for his first film, Spinal still has great difficulty in finding roles that have meat to them.