Fulgore : KI2

Killer Instinct 2

  • 6' 5"
  • 560 lbs
  • Age Unknown

The advanced and deadlier successor to the original cyborg destroyed by Jago. Activated after the time jump, its final UltraTech commands are executed.. Find Jago and kill him.

The following biographical information is quoted from Rare's old website

Even before the Mk. I prototype in the vastly expensive Fulgore project was completed, the scientists at Ultratech were working frenziedly on an updated version. When the original met its match at the hands of Jago, its creator was enraged and set about beating a single directive into the Mk. II's circuitry, turning it into a single-minded predator and an even more deadly foe than its predecessor. Unfortunately for Jago, not even the timejump has the power to stop it now.

Fulgore Fulgore Fulgore
Fulgore’s Openers
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Cyber Dash quartercircledownforward + MK, FK MK Linker, MK Parry Opener
Eye Laser quartercircledownback + MP, FP MP Linker
Fulgore’s Special Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Laser Storm quartercircleforward + Any Punch  
Fake Laser Storm quartercircleback + QP  
Eye Laser quartercircledownback + FP, MP  
Plasma Slice forwarddowndownforward + Any Punch Pop-up
Electro Flect quartercircleback + Hold QK  
Air Double forwarddowndownforward + Punch  
Parry Move back + Hold QP  
Pressure Move back FP  
Breaker forwarddowndownforward + Punch/Kick  
Ultra Breaker downdownbackhalfcircleforward + FP Requires 6 Super Bar Blocks
Mini-Ultra forwarddowndownforward + QP  
Ultra forwarddowndownforward + QK  
Ultimate forwardhalfcircleforward + MK  
O-Combo Ultimate halfcircleforward back + MP  
Fulgore’s Super Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Inviso halfcircleback + FK Uses Super Power as you move
Lock On halfcircleforward + QK Requires 1 Super Bar Block
Triple Laser Storm halfcircleforward + QP After Lock On
Air Eye Laser quartercircledownback + FP Requires 1Super Bar Block
Plasmaport backdowndownback + Any Punch/Kick Requires 1 Super Bar Block
Super Electro Flect quartercircledownbackforward + QK Requires 3 Super Bar Blocks Linker
Super Cyber Dash quartercircledownforwardback + FK Requires 3 Super Bar Blocks Linker
Fulgore’s End Specials
Move Name Key Combination Notes
End Special 1 Cyber Dash + FK  
End Special 2 Eye Laser + FP  
End Special 3 Laser Storm + MP  
End Special 4 Plasma Slice + FP  
End Special 5 forwarddowndownforward + QP After first 4 Enders