Jago : KI

Killer Instinct

  • 5' 6"
  • 190 lbs
  • 21 years old

A Tibetan warrior monk who calls on the power of the tiger to discover his destiny. Overseen by the tiger spirit, Jago must enter the contest and destroy the evil within.

The following biographical information is quoted from Rare's old website

Found abandoned as a baby at a Himalayan monastery and taken in by the Monks of the Tiger, Jago showed great promise from the start and, under the tutelage of the ancient Abbot, has swiftly become one of the Order's star pupils. During meditation he is visited by the very Tiger spirit his Order serves, which grants him great powers and Chooses him to battle the sinister evil of Ultratech. At first the power threatens to overwhelm Jago's sanity, but he soon masters it and becomes the finest warrior the Order has yet fathered. The ever-present uncertainty as to his origins, however, still troubles him.

Jago Jago Jago
Jago’s Special Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Endokuken quartercircleforward + Any Punch Projectile
Yellow Endokuken Hold QP quartercircleforward Release QP Magic 2
Tiger Fury forwardquartercircleforward + Any Punch Anti-projectile
Sliding Tiger Fury forward Charge, quartercircleforward + Any Punch Anti-projectile
Laser Sword quartercircledownback + FP  
Wind Kick quartercircledownforward + QK Anti-projectile
Wind Kick quartercircledownback + Any Kick Anti-projectile
Fast Wind Kick Hold MK quartercircledownback Release MK Anti-projectile
Fast Wind Kick Hold FK quartercircledownback Release FK Anti-projectile
Jago’s Finishing Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Sword backforwardforward + QP Close
Falling Car backbackforwardforward + MP 1 to 4 player distance
Humiliation halfcircleback + MK 1 to 4 player distance
Ultimate Sword halfcircleforward + FP During combo
Ultra Combo quartercircledownback + QK During combo
Moves based on the SNES manual and the KI Arcade FAQ/Walkthrough by _Fulgore_

Jago’s Ending


Jago returns victorious to his shrine for communion with the tiger spirit. By defeating the evil that existed at UltraTech, Jago is brought one step closer towards total enlightenment. Granted new powers for his loyal service, Jago strives for self improvement. He must now seek out a greater challenge and fulfill his destiny.