Glacius : KI

Killer Instinct

  • 6' 3"
  • 300lbs
  • Age Unknown

An alien being from a distant planet, crash landed on Earth. He was captured by UltraTech. Hoping to prove the alien inferior, they force Glacius to fight for his life.

Glacius Glacius
Glacius’ Special Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Ice Lance quartercircledownback + QP  
Cold Shoulder back Charge forward + Any Punch  
Double Cold Shoulder back Charge, then Hold forward + QP  
Shockwave quartercircleforward + Any Punch Projectile
Liquidize quartercircleforward + QK  
Liquidize Uppercut quartercircleforward + MK/FK Anti-air
Glacius’ Finishing Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Blob Engulf halfcircleback + MK 1 player distance
Ice Pick halfcircleforward + MP 1 player distance
Acid Puddle backbackback + FK 1 to 4 player distance
Humiliation forwardforwardback + QK 1 to 4 player distance
Ultimate AP halfcircleback + QP During combo
Ultra Combo backforward + FP During combo
Moves based on the SNES manual and the KI Arcade FAQ/Walkthrough by _Fulgore_

Glacius’ Ending


After escaping from the grasp of UltraTech, Glacius finally returns to the site of his crashed spaceship. With the advanced technology present at UltraTech, Glacius takes the materials he needs and repairs his damaged ship. With the memories of the evil he faced there fading slowly, Glacius begins the long and arduous trip back to his homeworld.