B. Orchid : KI

Killer Instinct

B Orchid
  • 5' 6"
  • 125 lbs
  • 23 years old

A secret agent sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances that surround the UltraTech contest. Her true identity and abilities are shrouded in secrecy.

Orchid Orchid Orchid
B Orchid’s Special Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Ichi quartercircledownback + QP/MP  
Spinning Sword quartercircledownback + FP  
Fire Cat back Charge forward + Any Punch Anti-all
Lasaken quartercircleforward + Any Punch Projectile
Flick Flak back Charge forward + Any Kick  
Backflip Kick back + FK  
B Orchid’s Finishing Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Frog Squash downforwardback + QK pause FK Close
Heart Attack backforwardforward + QP Close to 4 player distance
Humiliation halfcircleback + FP 1 to 4 player distance
Ultimate HA halfcircleback + MK During combo
Ultra Combo backforward + MP During combo
Moves based on the SNES manual and the KI Arcade FAQ/Walkthrough by _Fulgore_

B Orchid’s Ending


Escaping unscathed with vital information about the corrupt future plans of UltraTech, Orchid rushes back to report. Informing her superiors of UltraTech's evil intentions, they can now act in bringing about the destruction of the corruption presiding there.