Gargos : KI2

Killer Instinct 2

  • height unknown
  • weight unknown
  • age unknown

The other warlord from the Prologue story.

The following biographical information is quoted from Rare's old website

Eyedol and his greatest rival, Gargos - known only in the modern world to the Monks of the Tiger as the great Spirit they serve - were the last surviving Warlords of ancient times, battling for ultimate control of the land. The heroes of the age joined together to banish them to Limbo, and for 2000 years there they stayed...

Gargos Gargos Gargos Gargos
Gargos’ Gargos Codes
System Code
Arcade Hold up and press FP, MP, MK, FK, MP, QP, QK, MK at the character selection screen.
Nintendo 64 Z, A, R, Z, A, B at the character selection screen.
Gargos’ Openers
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Jumping Overhead Slam quartercircleforward + FP  
Double Claw Dash backforward + Any Kick  
Shoulder Dash quartercircleback + Any Kick  
Gargos’ Special Moves
Move Name Key Combination Notes
Flame quartercircleforward + QP  
Fly up + FP  
Air Fireball quartercircleforward + FP Mid-Air
Shoulder Dash quartercircleback + MK/FK  
Jumping Overhead Slam quartercircleforward + Any Kick Mid-Air
Laugh quartercircleback + FP Reflects fireball attacks
Uppercut forwarddowndownforward + FP  
Breaker quartercircleforward + Punch/Kick  
Recovery Move quartercircleforward + FP  
Air Combo quartercircleforward + Any Punch  
Counter back + QP  
Throw forward + FP  
Counter Throw forward + FP  
Pressure Move forward + FK  
Gargos’ End Specials
Move Name Key Combination Notes
End Special 1 forwarddownforward + FP  
End Special 2 forwarddownforward + FP  
End Special 3 forwarddownforward + FP  
End Special 4 forwarddownforward + FP  
Moves based on the KI2 Arcade FAQ/Walkthrough by HardCore